The correct Irish name for the bay is Fintragh (fionn traigh) meaning White Strand in Gaelic. Fintra House was the ‘seat’ of the Fintragh Townland – an Irish plantation of 3,1456 acres in County Donegal.

The site and building is breathing history and tells stories from the early owners and many visitors throughout the centuries… We have divided the history into three, interesting to read pieces:



The Fintra Estate was for seven generations the property of the Hamilton family, which came to this area during the Plantation of Ulster in the early 17th century… read more...

History - James Hamilton


PIRATES at Killybegs

Pat Conaghan in his book “Bygones” (available locally), records that in April 1628 James Hamilton, in his capacity as “Constable of Killybegs” reported to Captain Sir Basil Brooke at Donegal Castle the arrival of Dutch pirate Claes Campaene at Killybegs. In an earlier volume “History and Antiquities of Killybegs”, the late Charles Conaghan (Pat’s Father) gives considerable detail about that visit and the Hamilton’s’ involvement with it… read more…

history 02



The dramatic landing of an American Flying Fortress bomber on Fintra Beach shortly after 6:00 p.m. on the evening of February 20th, 1944, was one of the more dramatic episodes of World War II in Killybegs… read more…

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